Thursday, October 22, 2015

Basic Guide about Stuttering for Parents (part 2 of 2)

Available Therapy Techniques

Even if there is not one single cure that has been invented for this condition, there are various treatments that a patient can opt to alleviate the speech pattern defects. These treatments include the following. Once you have consulted a professional, they can give you the appropriate kind based on their findings. For one, they can recommend that your child take medications, although these are not commonly used. They can also be advised to go through a speech therapy, which can be done at summer clinics or at intensive clinics.

There are some electronic devices that are available these days, which focus on the choral effect and technique of choral speech. With these, the words of the one who stutters are being matched with another voice. There are also devices that are placed in the ear of the child. This tool can replay the words of the child after a brief delay. It is able to copy the choral effect, while decreasing and can completely eliminate the speech defect. Even if these therapies will work at the beginning, the results and improvements won’t be permanent.

There are other basic things that you ought to know about this condition to understand the concept better. Stuttering doesn’t occur as a result of emotional and psychological dilemma. You have to help your child cope with the condition by not interfering with what they are saying. You must allow them to finish what they are saying and make them feel that they are not being rushed into anything.

Basic Guide about Stuttering for Parents (part 1 of 2)

For parents who are worried about their children who are stuttering, you just have to bear in mind that this is only a phase that they are going through. It may alleviate your feelings to know that about 5% of children in preschool stutter. This phase is referred to as pseudostuttering or developmental dysfluency, which they will eventually outgrow. This may arise from various reasons, the most common of which is the fact that at this point, they are eagerly learning how to talk.

You don’t need to worry because this is only normal, but if the case is already causing problems, like the child feels intimidated in talking to other people or they are exhibiting such for more than six months already, this is the time when you can seek doctor’s help.  Out of all cases, only 1% of these children will continue to carry this kind of problem until they get older.


The speech of people with this condition gets interrupted when they make certain sounds longer or repeat syllables, parts or the whole words. It is said that it is more common for boys to acquire such case. This is one kind of a neurological disorder and can be acquired through genetic reasons. If the person has been suffering from this case for more than six months, they must undergo thorough evaluation to be performed by a professional speech language pathologist. You can also consult such even if the patient is a preschooler, but if the condition is not bothering them, you can wait if they will be able to outgrow this.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Credit Repair and Counseling (part 2 of 2)

The debt management plan that was drawn up will be reflected on your credit report and there is now way it can be covered up.

A credit counselor cannot help you if you have secured loans which involve collateral. This is because when you are not able to pay for it, the company which you got it from has the right to have it repossessed.

One thing you have to consider when getting help is choosing the right credit counselor properly. To do that, you have to ask questions and get feedback from previous customers.

If ever they tell you not to contact the credit bureau, do anything illegal or make false statements, walk way because this is most likely a scam.  At worse, you can even go to jail if ever you decided to go along with it.

The credit counselor at this point is probably the only friend you have in the world and aside from striking a deal with your creditors, they will even teach you how to save money.

You will probably be taught how to cut down on certain expenses, how to balance your budget and if you need to sell off certain assets just to pay off some of the debt.

These changes as you know will be good for you in the long term so you just have to trust your credit counselor.

As a client, you have rights under the Credit Repair Organizations Act and the company you are looking at should make you aware of it. It is best you read and understand it before you sign any contract.

Credit repair and counseling go hand in hand especially when you don’t have the courage to face this problem on your own. There are private and non-profit organizations that are willing to help so you just have to find the right one.

Credit Repair and Counseling (part 1 of 2)

Have you ever spent beyond your means? Don’t worry you are not the only one who has made this mistake because some people think that as long as their purchase is approved everything is ok. But is it? When the bills come in and you can’t pay for them, you might need credit repair and counseling.

Credit counseling can help with credit repair because they will act as your financial advisor. Most of these individuals are certified accountants and they will do the negotiation and leg work on your behalf.

Before they can talk to your bank, they will first have to review how much you owe and then come up with a plan.

This is better known as the debt management plan. Once the banks agree to it, you have to do your share by making the monthly payment and doing a few other requirements.

These include closing all unsecured credit accounts, not taking any additional unsecured credit, monitoring your credit card payments so you see that your debt is slowing being paid off.

The benefit of this arrangement is that you will be able to pay your debts at lower interest rates, reduced or waived late fees and payment terms from as short as 5 years to as long as 20 years.

What credit counselors cannot do is eliminate the stress that comes with paying bills because again, this is something you have to do on your own. They simply assisted and you have to do the rest.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Using Tags to Get More Traffic to Your Blog through Blog Directories (part 2 of 2)

Using tags on your blog to drive more traffic

Blog directories are repositories of information and news regarding the types of blogs available for a particular topic or subject.  As such, they can be very useful sources of highly targeted traffic for your own blog.  To maximize the use of blog directories for this purpose, consider doing the following:

Choose your words carefully

Keep in mind that your blog is just one of millions out there vying for attention.  Even if you're trying to build a reputation within a relatively smaller niche industry, you will still be competing with at least a dozen others in your market segment.  Careful consideration in choosing the specific keywords (or tags) to use with your blog will help you stand out in blog directories.

There are three important tags that you should focus on when designing your blog for traffic increase from blog directories.  These are the title tag, the description tag and the keyword/s tag.

The title tag.  The title of each blog entry you have should contain the most essential keywords that appear in your write-up or are relevant to your content.  This will help optimize your entry and make it easier for search engines to find and index.

Prospective visitors who perform a search using Google, Yahoo! or MSN Search, for example, will be able to reach an optimized blog, since it's more likely to appear in a search engine list.  As a result, you drive more traffic to your blog.

The description tag.  Although description tags are ignored by some search engines, adding this to your blog can help influence how your blog (or at least its web pages) is described.

The keyword tag.  The keyword tag is the word or phrase that you will repeat within the content body or web page in question.  Used strategically, these keywords can help increase your blog's results in search engines and bring in more traffic to your site by allowing visitors to easily find you.

Don't be afraid to combine keywords, though.  That's how you will be able to create highly targeted key phrases to optimize your blog.  Three- to four-word key phrases will do.  Multiple word tags are advantageous to single word searches as well.  If you use a keyword phrase tag that says 'rock paper scissors', for example, your blog still has the potential to show up in case someone uses only the word 'rock' or 'paper' in his search.

Don't overdo the use of tags

If you don't watch out, tags can be addictive.  It could reach a point where you might find yourself using tags that have little relevance to your blog.  This usually happens when you try too hard to make sure that your blog or web page appears in more listings.

Although it may seem like a good idea to help increase traffic to your blog particularly as a means to shine in blog directories, overuse of tags can be counter-productive.  Try to be careful in choosing only the kind of tags that your blog truly needs.  Leaner but highly targeted tags are much more effective than generic ones.

Follow through

A good tag can gain initial interest in your blog and increase traffic coming from blog directories.  However, it can only do so much.  Now that traffic is beating at your door, you should be able to throw a real party thereafter.  Make sure that the content associated with your tag/s is well worth your visitor's click.  It should offer specific information for a specific purpose and should include the content that you so readily promised in your links.

Otherwise, you won't earn the trust of a loyal readership or following.  A baited title that lacks the backing of useful content will be viewed as a cheap trick and won't earn you a lot of respect – or traffic.

Using Tags to Get More Traffic to Your Blog through Blog Directories (part 1 of 2)

Tags are generally ignored by site owners and bloggers in terms of potential.  They're small, for one and very often easy to overlook.  Furthermore, those who do not understand their use or significance or at least why and how they work may not often appreciate their value.  This is unfortunate because tags can help increase the traffic coming in to your blog from blog directories.  Learn what tags are and how they work so you can maximize their use.

Tag – you're it

A tag, also referred to as a meta tag, is a keyword that is used to label specific information found on a web page.  A meta tag uses HTML tags that are hidden from plain sight but clearly 'visible' to web crawlers.

A tag functions mainly for identification of an article, for example, or a title, subheading, site description or image – hence the name 'tag'.  They are often used as tools to ping multiple search engines, create a presence for use in social bookmarking and to drive traffic to your site, especially your blog.  With tags, it will be easier for your site, article or web page to be found in search engines where they are supported.

Put simply, a tag is a small piece of identification on your blog that informs a search engine bot or spider what your site is about and how it should be indexed.  If you can choose and design the right combination of tags for your blog, you will be able to manipulate the number and type of traffic that reaches your site from blog directories legally.