Sunday, October 11, 2015

Using Tags to Get More Traffic to Your Blog through Blog Directories (part 1 of 2)

Tags are generally ignored by site owners and bloggers in terms of potential.  They're small, for one and very often easy to overlook.  Furthermore, those who do not understand their use or significance or at least why and how they work may not often appreciate their value.  This is unfortunate because tags can help increase the traffic coming in to your blog from blog directories.  Learn what tags are and how they work so you can maximize their use.

Tag – you're it

A tag, also referred to as a meta tag, is a keyword that is used to label specific information found on a web page.  A meta tag uses HTML tags that are hidden from plain sight but clearly 'visible' to web crawlers.

A tag functions mainly for identification of an article, for example, or a title, subheading, site description or image – hence the name 'tag'.  They are often used as tools to ping multiple search engines, create a presence for use in social bookmarking and to drive traffic to your site, especially your blog.  With tags, it will be easier for your site, article or web page to be found in search engines where they are supported.

Put simply, a tag is a small piece of identification on your blog that informs a search engine bot or spider what your site is about and how it should be indexed.  If you can choose and design the right combination of tags for your blog, you will be able to manipulate the number and type of traffic that reaches your site from blog directories legally.

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