Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Credit Repair and Counseling (part 2 of 2)

The debt management plan that was drawn up will be reflected on your credit report and there is now way it can be covered up.

A credit counselor cannot help you if you have secured loans which involve collateral. This is because when you are not able to pay for it, the company which you got it from has the right to have it repossessed.

One thing you have to consider when getting help is choosing the right credit counselor properly. To do that, you have to ask questions and get feedback from previous customers.

If ever they tell you not to contact the credit bureau, do anything illegal or make false statements, walk way because this is most likely a scam.  At worse, you can even go to jail if ever you decided to go along with it.

The credit counselor at this point is probably the only friend you have in the world and aside from striking a deal with your creditors, they will even teach you how to save money.

You will probably be taught how to cut down on certain expenses, how to balance your budget and if you need to sell off certain assets just to pay off some of the debt.

These changes as you know will be good for you in the long term so you just have to trust your credit counselor.

As a client, you have rights under the Credit Repair Organizations Act and the company you are looking at should make you aware of it. It is best you read and understand it before you sign any contract.

Credit repair and counseling go hand in hand especially when you don’t have the courage to face this problem on your own. There are private and non-profit organizations that are willing to help so you just have to find the right one.

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